Dollar Store Floral Pumpkins

I got these foam carve-able pumpkins at Dollar Tree and I wanted to do a small floral pumpkin thing with them. The stems of the pumpkins broke off so it worked out for me.

I painted one of them with white acylic paint. I had to use a few coats because the neon orange was hard to cover up. After a few coats however it had a pinkish hue to the white which I really liked and I think went well with the flowers. The also had a paint color called “Oatmeal” which I liked for that rustic look. I painted the second one white first to cover up the orange and then a few coats of the Oatmeal color and it turned out better than I expected. The oatmeal color went better with the darker color flowers and overall had a really nice effect.

The flowers I had lying around and most of them are from the dollar store, or if not i found them at garage sales. I have them in literal bags in my closet. Here is a post about my obscene amount of cheap fake flowers and how I store them (spoiler: in large bags from Dollar Tree)

I was so happy about how these turned out. I think they are going to look great with my fall decorations.

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